About the world of Bloodlust - What is Bloodlust? Nyomtatás


Bloodlust is a comics which takes place in an alternative cyberpunk future, in 2060. It is mainly fight orientated but is not in lack of intrigue and twists on the plot. The world of the comics abounds in vampires and werewolves, though they are not fighting against each other as we would expect them. What is more, by the time passing, they may become brother in arms. However, to make things a bit complicated, troubles within species are rather common.

Earth is being rebuilt after a worldwide manmade disaster. Crywen, where the story takes place, is one of the fastest developing neopolises which was built on the ruins of New York.

This comics reveals the fact, that the world after being rebuilt from its ruins is as vicious and dirty as it was before. Humans do not change at all.

The world is controlled by powers that are unknown to ordinary human beings. Although some people is aware of what is going on around them and try to fight against these powers with technical devices, the rest of them live their damned lives without realising the truth.

There are a couple of important characters and its plot has more threads. Sometimes these threads meet sometimes they split up.

The comics started in 2005. There have been two issues appeared so far, but we felt that the story and its world need refinement and that is why we started to reorganize it in the summer of 2009. The issue #1 was completed in October, 2010. Its title is Bloodlust – Awakening. Well, now nothing can stop us.



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Translated by Alexa Havasi